Egyptian AK Bayonet Memorial

The Kalashnikov Bayonet Monument commemorates
the October 1973 Battle of Ismailia, Egypt
Inaugurated on October 5, 1992
Modeled after an AKM Type II Bayonet


Ismaïlia is a city in north-eastern Egypt on the west bank of the Suez Canal
founded in 1863, during the construction of the Suez Canal
to accommodate the foreign employees of the Suez Canal Company

The Battle of Ismailia
October 18–22, 1973
Took place between the Egyptian Army and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)
At the end of the Yom Kippur War

South of Ismailia
(West bank of the Suez Canal in Egypt)

The defense of Ismailia was a tactical and strategic victory for the Egyptians


AK47 Bayonet is a memorial near Ismailia to the Egyptian soldiers who died