Marto-Brewer Explorer

Marto – Brewer Explorer (Explora) Survival Knife EB-012

Developed by Explorer Dr. Charles Brewer-Carias
– “Venezuela’s Indiana Jones”
Venezuelan explorer and naturalist

Marto Model: Brewer Explorer / Explora Survival Knife
Made by Marto in Toledo, Spain
Imported into the US by Gutman
$130 – $150 in mid – late 1980’s


Dr. Charles Brewer Carias

  • Born 1938
  • Led more than 200 expeditions to remote parts of the Venezuela
  • Discovered the sink holes of Cerro Sarisariñama
  • Discovered the world’s largest known quartzite cave
    (Named after him “Cueva Charles Brewer”)


Marto – Brewer Survival Knife

  • Issued to Special Ops Troops in many countries.
  • Made in Spain.
  • Stainless steel Rockwell hardness 56-58
  • 6 1/4 inch blade


    • clinometer
    • metric ruler
    • Internationally recognized Ground to Air Emergency Signals on blade
    • Saw tooth on top of blade
    • Removable hand guard
    • Friction spring in scabbard (to prevent knife falling out)
    • wire cutter
    • slotted screw driver
    • signal mirror on back of scabbard
    • removable compass in screw cap
    • screw cap is stainless steel (capable of driving nails)
    • Two Manuals; Explain Uses of the Knife, Survival Manual
    • A fishing pole
      (small hole in blade (for clinometer) put knife on a stick, tie your fishing line)
    • Tube Survival Capsule


Tube Survival Capsule contents

  • Lid is a magnifying lens
  • International Morse Code on the side
  • Water Purification Tablets x4
  • Flint
  • Piece of Cotton
  • Matches x3 (similar to British Lifeboat Matches)
  • Scalpel Blade (X-acto blade)
  • Adhesive Sutures
  • Fishing Kit (monofilament line, hooks x6, splitshot sinkers x2, small bobber)
  • Sewing Needles x2

Magnifying Lens Accessory Attachment
optional small magnifying lens
fits into the wirecutter hole in blade
Burning Lens
to examine plants and insects
Splinter Removal, etc.

Fishing Spear Accessory Attachment
An insert placed into the wirecutter cutout in the blade
turns the Marto-Brewer Explorer into a fishing spear with barbs on each side of the blade


EB-005 EB-011 EB-013

1980’s Taiwan Clone
Taiwan, Province of China image Marto Brewer Explorer Survival Knife 1980’s Taiwan Clone
5.5 inch Blade
Nylon Pistol Belt

These early copies can be as hard to find as the originals
An original (real) Marto – Brewer will fit this sheath EB-007

Clone with Original Side by Side.
The Original Knife and Original Sheath are on the Right.

1980s Taiwan Clone w/ 6.5 inch Blade
Taiwan, Province of China EB-006 Marto Brewer Explorer Survival Knife 1980’s Taiwan Clone with 6.5 inch Blade, 12 inch overall

There were also models that carried a flare gun in the holster.