Clone: Marto-Brewer Explorer

1980’s Taiwan Clone of the Marto-Brewer Explorer
Taiwan, Province of China

image Marto Brewer Explorer Survival Knife 1980’s Taiwan Clone 5.5 inch Blade, Nylon Pistol Belt close match to webbing on knife sheath. wpid-20130526_135803_wm.jpg wpid-20130526_135854-1_wm.jpg wpid-20130526_135951_wm.jpg wpid-20130526_140020-1_wm.jpg wpid-20130526_140035_wm.jpg These early copies can be as hard to find as the originals An original (real) Marto – Brewer will fit this sheath EB-007

Clone with Original Side by Side.
The Original Knife and Original Sheath are on the Right.