Chinese Chisel Tip Spike Bayonet


The one on the right is the “Chisel Tip”
The edge on the Chisel Tip is cut at a downward angle from the top down, while the other two (on the left) are cut at angles from the sides
wpid-20130526_142634_wm.jpg The bottom is the Chisel Tip
wpid-20130526_142613-1_wm.jpg Top of the Chisel Tip Spike AK47 Bayonet (Bottom in photo)
wpid-20130527_224208-1_wm.jpgChisel on the right
wpid-20130526_142534-1_wm.jpg These connect to a stud under the front sight on the rifle. The screw holds the other locking sleeve onto the bayonet (compressing the spring)wpid-20130526_142517_wm.jpg