Korean AK47 Type

1958 – “Type 58“ AK47 Type Adopted in Korea

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North Korean AK47 Bayonets
  Chapter Two, cont.

   The North Korean AK47 bayonets (see Figure 18) are the most crudely made of the AK47 bayonets, especially from the swhitedpoint of the scabbard. The knife itself is very typical of the other AK47 bayonets described earlier in this chapter. Like many of them the metal parts that compose the hilt are blued. The scales are bright red plastic material. The knife has a stamped seriaL number on the left side of the pommel, which runs at a 45° similar to that on the Russian bayonets, but does not follow the curve of the pommel like those on the Russian bayonets. There is the remnant of a North Korean star in a circle factory code mark on the lower right hand corner of the left side of the crosspiece (see Figure 19).

Figure 18. North Korean AK47 Bayonet, Front and Back


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