AKM Type I

AKM Type I – characterized by a large bulbous handle of plastic material, which has a slot for a bayonet lug for attachment to the rifle and a hole for a wrist strap and a Bowie type blade with a clip point and sharpened only on one side and without any fullers.


Russian Designated: “6X3
German Designated: “Modell 59
Polish Designated: “6H3
Hungarian Designated: “Model 1963

1959 – AKM Type I (6X3) Bayonet adopted Russia
1959 – ”Modell 59” Adaopted in Germany
1959 – AKM Type I (6H3) Bayonet adopted in Poland
1959AKM Type I Bayonet adopted in Romania
1963 – “Model 1963” AKM Type I Bayonet adopted in Hungry
1963 – SVD Introduced with M1959 AKM Type I Bayonet

AKM Type I produced by:

  • East Germany
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Russia


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