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Here you will find many photographs of a growing AK Bayonet collection
Included is information where it helps explain the bayonets

This is a never ending project, so you will find portions that are incomplete or missing, we will add to this as we are able

This video is a place to start,  Kalashnikov Bayonet Collecting – Intro

Our website attempts to answer questions, but please feel free to ask on Gun Channels.com

Use the menu at the right side of each page as a guide, get Martin Ivie’s book and then start buying some AK bayos, it’s a fun hobby / collection, you’ll find them all over once you know what to look for and your collection can grow quickly and fairly inexpensively until you start to acquire the rare variants and models

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IM000579It all started in 2004 when I bought these 11 bayonets from a guy at a Tucson gun show (He would become a friend over the years).

I told him I wanted to start a collection of AK47 bayonets, he sold me this nice selection (for around $250,IIRC) and pointed me to a book.. written by Martin Ivie about these bayonets. He had a copy to show me, but he wasn’t selling it.

I found a copy for sale here in town, and as I was looking for more bayonets and Martin’s book, I was pointed to a “Group of AK guys” loosly based out of Tucson

I later found out Martin was also a member of the AK Collectors club I joined, called the KCA (Kalashnikov Collectors Association)

bayonets5-2004Once I met Martin, in 2005, and became friends with the rest of the KCA guys, I was hooked, and I never stopped buying bayonets. I find them at gun shows, of course, but also many gun shops have them tucked away (ask), flea markets, I found a bunch of rare polish bayos at the 2009 NRA show (a trade show, not a sales show), being sold for $11 each ?!?!

00-03-14-08-0007The collection grew as has this website to feature and explain the hobby. I have met in person and via web-forum, most of the major AK Bayo collectors in the US, and a few elsewhere. They are all a good bunch and a great resource,there is really no way to grow a big collection without help of other collectors. We all stay in touch on a few places online, which change overtime quite a bit

Very few of the bayonets cost a lot individually, so you can jump in at any level and get a very cool and complete collection for under $100 easily

20130721_202859-1_wmMy collection has grown past the point of easy display until I devoted an entire wall to it. Now it looks great, I can enjoy every one of them, and I can grab any of them and compare them to any other. We will show off other peoples collections too. Contact us to share yours  wpid-20131222_134831_wm.jpg