Egyptian Kalashnikov Bayonets

Egyptian AKM Type II (Transitional) Bayonets

Egyptian AKM Type II (Transitional) Bayonets come in three colors; Black Grips, Brown Grips and Blue Grips

Egyptian AKM Type II (Transitional) Bayonets

198? – AKM Type II (6X4) Bayonet adopted in Egypt

They are crude and often have yellow glue (crud) all over. They are Type II Bayonets with AKM Type I metal scabbards with black insulators

Egyptian AK47 Bayonets

Battle of Ismailia AK47 Bayonet Memorial 

A large AK-47 bayonet, commemorating past Egyptian military conflicts, sits on the eastern shore of the Suez Canal, and was a photographic favorite of the Marines and sailors of Expeditionary Strike Group 8 as their ships passed through the canal, Nov. 26, 2005. The ESG-8’s passage through the Suez, with the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) embarked as its landing force, marked its entrance into the Central Command theater of operations.
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