AK47 Spike Bayonet

Only the Chinese used the Spike Style Bayonets

Chinese Type 56 Spike

There are a two types of grind for the sharp (pointed) end,
Two blade (spike) lengths
Three types of connection to the rifle

Two blade (spike) lengths

  • Chinese AK47 Spikes
    • Chinese Angle Grind Spike Bayonet

1956 – Type 56 Spike Adopted in China

AK47, SKS & Nagant Spike Bayonets Compared

Chinese Type 56 Spike types of grind for the sharp (pointed) end

There are a few types of grind for the sharp (pointed) end:
the four on the left are “Pointed Tip”(angled grind)
and the one on the right is ground with a “Chisel Tip”

Chinese Type 56 Spike have Two blade (spike) lengths
Chinese Type 56 Spike attachment types

Chinese AK47 Spikes come with three types of connection to the rifle:
(top to bottom) Clamp On , Screw (or Rivet) on and Quick Disconnect (Self Contained)

all right so I’m all about bayonets and mostly AK Bayonets but I’m also a big fan of spikes these things are ruthless so let’s talk about spike bayonets

there’s way more than what I have on the table here but this is my collection of them

we’ve got a Enfield bayonet, I’m pretty sure I’m sure experts out there all know what this one is but I’m pretty sure it’s an Enfield I only have it because it cost like a couple of bucks sometimes and it figured I’d throw it into my spike collection then the good stuff we have a type 56 a.k bike we have a contained self-contained removable 56 style spike we’ve got the clamp on aftermarket spike we’ve got the longer blade 56 spike and it’s cousin with the two different types of blade shape or blade cut you can see the chisel one here on the right and the point one on the left there now difference between an AK Bayonets and SKS bayonet is harder to determine unless you’re looking at a blade but the difference between an SKS bayonet and mosin-nagant bayonet is easy there’s good think about cutting the bayonet in half you would have not knocking down the tripod think about cutting it in half you’d have four sides to a Nagant bayonet but on the SKS or a cave a annette’s you cut them in half this way you’re going to have just three sides now determining the difference between an SKS bayonet and the HK bayonet is a little tougher so let’s take a look basically most a K bayonets have a hook style here where SKS most SKS bayonets have the muzzle nut or the muzzle ring there’s a difference the you go SKS bayonet has a hook because the SKS the you guys case has a grenade launcher on its muzzle so it has a little hook to connect to it’s also a blade it’s good easy and then the one after market ache a bayonet has muzzle ring but obviously it’s a self-contained thing that gets clamped onto the front of a rifle like this one and pretty easy to tell the difference between that when it’s on the rifle then this one that’s on an SKS this is an SKS paratrooper I kind of modified it this modified this one myself i modified both the stock and the bayonet one of my favorite little wicked small short bayonets there it’s not very long at allbut super strong and I give it up kind of a unique grind there next up we have the blade styles this one is the e SKS
parade bayonet and it’s kind of chromed and shiny it’s an SKS there was a Russian blade style and a Chinese blade style both of those are this type of like a nickel type of sandblasted finish the Chinese one is I think a little duller than the Russian or vice-versa on that SKS expert again this one’s the Yugo blade you can tell some differences here because again it’s designed to have the grenade launcher it’s a blood groove whatever you want to call this is a little bit different than the Chinese styles and well there’s more of these than I have I have just a couple there next up we have the self-contained SKS bayonet and this is for my favorite SKS the SKS model d which is the model that from the factory accepts a K magazines and this is its removable spike bayonet very cool wish I had the rifle and then last up we have another SKS bayonet and this is the actual SKS paratrooper bayonet you can see it if it was actually attached here it would be a little bit longer than my little modified one and then finally on the table we’ve got a couple of different versions of the Mosin Nagant bayonet which is again one of my favorites this one is a Romanian and I literally bought this rifle because I like that shiny black bayonet is it wrong to buy a rifle because you like the bayonet I hope not I’ve done it more than once this is my Chinese rifle or am i trying to close it in the gut and it’s definitely different but I love it look at how long that bayonet is compared to the rifle we put it out into position there it’s nice and long the rifle isn’t that long really because when you fold the bayonet and it almost comes back to the bolt I love it this is an m40 for the the Romanian one is an M 44 which is the one that’s not just cut down but really made to be a short carving because it’s got the bayonet on it and this Chinese equivalent here is the t53 or the type 53 two of my favorites the again the black bayonets are on the Russians and on the Romanians as far as I know the Chinese have this kind of a simpler bayonet still pretty wicked and then this is another one I like having in the collection and if I remember the story right these were twisted somewhere in India is just sort of a cool thing to do and it’s a Nagant bayonet but it’s got this cool twist in it I might put it on one of my rifles one day anyway I’m no expert on spikes but I do like them and there was a little primer on spike bayonets thanks for checking out our websites

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