Chinese Clamp-On Spike Bayonet

Chinese Clamp-On Spike Bayonet

The bayonet used in this review was attached to each rifle with only a standard screw driver, in a matter of minutes. No modifications needed no marks, scratches or harm done to the rifles. However if you jammed the bayonet into stuff I’m sure it would mar and scratch the barrel somewhat.  There is a small hole in the bayonet clamp that is designed to align with the rear pin of the front sight post. You’d remove the original pin, put the clamp in place and insert a new longer pin that would keep the upper part of the clamp on the rifle and in place. Once the lower clamp is attached with the bayonet it would be an very strong connection.

The crate the Chinese “clamp-On” bayonets were imported in
Clamp on spike with other Chinese Kalashnikov bayonets
Chinese Clamp-On Spike Bayonet

It’s a great fit, the barrel size is perfect, it wraps around the front sight post well. But because the front end of the SAR-1 has been brought down the bay has nothing to hold onto when open. This will not be a difficult mod to make, so soon this WASR-10 will have a bayonet.

The spike bayonet swings freely even with a 40 round RPK mag in place (all pics are with 40 round mag) There will be slight modification needed to the Romanian Lower Handguard. But I think I’ll try some Chinese handguards first.

The shorter Front Sight Post is a factor, you’ll need to clamp the bayonet a bit further back to allow it to fit over the muzzle.
Enjoy the pics let us know what you think of this set up.

We got an idea to try this while reading the  ( a chat for AK enthusiasts). The question was asked if these bayonets would fit on a WASR-10, I didn’t have one handy so I tried the bayonet on a Romanian SAR-1.
No comments please on the mess this rifle is in, it’s a franAK I know.

The Chinese underfolding spike bayonet fits well on the Maadi. A purist would never think of such a thing, but for those of you who might not care that there are a half dozen country’s parts on your AK, is bayo might just be for you.

Chinese Clamp-On Spike Bayonet crate

The crate the Chinese “clamp-On” bayonets were imported in

These were imported new (never issued in cosmoline) Chinese folding spike bayonet by Don Bell at Omega Weapons Systems in Tucson, AZ. I took these photos at OWS (7-2006) . Don ran an honest import and surplus business, he was in business for years with the highest reputation from collectors all over

Chinese Clamp-On Spike Bayonet in the shipping crate

This is what the “clamp On” bayonets looked like inside the crate, wrapped three to a bundle in cosmoline and paper. There are thirty bundles of three bayonets for a total of 90 bayonets in each crate

Chinese Clamp-On Spike Bayonet in cosmoline

Three Clamp On style Chinese spike bayonets covered in cosmoline and wrapped in a paper bundle

Chinese Clamp-On Spike Bayonet
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