There are a LOT of AK47 variants over the years and from around the world. Collecting all the rifles would be very expensive. Collecting the bayonets is another way to collect the Kalashnikov.

A challenging strategy to collecting AK47 bayonets is attempting to own one from  each country that had a separate bayonet of their own

It’s not easy, but it is possible to represent each country in your collection.


  • Russian AK47 Bayonets
  • Russian AK47 Type
  • Russian AKM Type I
  • Russian AKM Type I (Export)
  • Russian AKM Transitional
  • Russian AKM Type II
  • Russian AKM Type II (Export)
  • Russian AKM Type II Modified Pommel
  • Russian AK74
  • Russian Survival Knife
  • Model HB-1-01
  • Model HB-5 exp
  • Spetsnaz Machete
  • NRS-2 Scout Knife


  • Bulgarian AK47 Bayonets
  • Bulgarian AK47 Type
  • Bulgarian AK47 Type (Two Band)
  • Bulgarian AKM Type II
  • Bulgarian AK74


  • Chinese AK47 Bayonets
  • Chinese AK47 Spikes
  • Chinese Chisel Tip Spike Bayonet
  • Chinese Pointed Spike Bayonet
  • Chinese Quick Release Spike Bayonet
  • Chinese Commercial Spike Bayo
  • Chinese Clamp-On Spike Bayonet
  • Chinese AK47 Type
  • Chinese AKM Type II
  • Chinese AKM Type II (Brass Pin)
  • Chinese AKM Type II (Green)
  • Alt – Chinese Type 81


  • German AK47 Bayonets
  • German AK47 Type
  • German AKM Type I
  • German AKM Transitional
  • German AKM Type II
  • German G-36
  • German KM87
  • Suhl Combat Knife
  • Bayo Training AK
  • German Bayo Parts
  • German Gravity Knife


  • Hungary AKM Type I Bayo
  • Hungarian AKM Type I (Israeli Mark)
  • Hungarian AKM Type I (New in Wrapper)


  • Korean AK47 Bayonets
  • Korean AK47 Type
  • Korean AKM
  • Cuban AK47 Bayonets

Similar & Copies

USA Made Versions

  • M9 Bayonet




  • Polish AK47 Bayonets
  • Polish AK47 Type
  • Polish AKM Type I
  • Polish AKM Type II
  • Polish AKM Type II Presentation Bayos
  • Polish Training Bayo


  • Romanian AK47 Bayonets
  • Romania AKM Type I
  • Burned AKM Type I (Published)
  • Romania AKM Type II


  • Yugo AK Bayonets – Tan Leather
  • Yugo AK Bayonets – Green Canvas


Kalashnikov Toy Bayonets

  • 1/16 Mini AK47 Bayonets
    – Mini AK47 Spike Bayonet
    – Mini Chinese AK47 Bayonet
    – Mini AKM Type II (AKWS)
    – Mini AKM Type II German
  • AKM Type II (21st Century)


  • Collectors Clubs / Websites
  • AK Bayonets of the World
  • Kalashnikov Bayo Collectors
  • AK Bayonet Forum

AK47 Bayonet Books

  • Bagnety do Kalasznikowa
  • Bagnety Kalasznikowa
  • Soldier of Fortune; 1987


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